Hunter Security - Our 1st customer for the aggression de-escalation training

"I am interested in this training. I was looking for this training. So please send me a quotation". Those were the words of Mr. Eugene Faro, owner, and director of Hunter Security.

It all started when ConfidentMe Consultancy sent proposal letters to several security companies, as we were sure that the "Verbal & Physical Aggression De-escalation Training" would benefit all security companies. The main goals of this training were to:

1. Learn how to de-escalate verbal aggression as well as defuse physical aggression.

2. Secure a safe working environment for yourself as well as those around you.

3. Give all participants a live experience on how to use the learned skills during possible aggression situations.

People may have disagreements, however, using the correct communication and defusing techniques, may prevent further escalation.

More details on the training were given in a meeting with the director of ConfidentMe Consultancy, Mrs. Cassandra Labasti Schmidt to Mr. Eugene Faro of Hunter security. During this meeting Mr. Faro decided to accept the offer and sign up 4 of his employees for the training. As soon as the quotation was approved, the dynamic duo Cassandra Labasti-Schmidt and Jarvis Winklaar, both professional trainers and actors, were ready to train our customers.

First Day

The first session was a 1-on-1 conversation to get to know the participants on a personal basis. Each candidate got the opportunity to make their training goal known as well as express what aggression means to them and how they dealt with this on a daily basis.

The first day of training took place on Friday, September 10, 2021. This training was intensive. We introduced the different forms of verbal aggression and instructed the trainees on how to address the problems and de- escalate the situation. Different scenarios were practiced and rehearsed intensively as the participants got a real life experience of verbal aggression by the actor. At the end of the day, the trainees expressed their satisfaction with enthusiasm as they looked forward to the next day.

Second Day

The second day of training took place on

Saturday, September 11, 2021.

This day, the focus was on physical aggression de-escalation.

The trainees learned how to calm down an aggressive person, with and without touching and or hurting them. They defused the situations by using the different techniques that were displayed during the training.

"Practice makes perfect", so they practiced till they got it right.

At the end of the training, Mr. Faro after receiving positive feedback from his personnel, wanted to be part of the certification ceremony. This celebration took place last Friday, September 24, at his office. The participants received their hard earned and well deserved certificates and were very proud of their accomplishments. Their newly earned certificates will help them attain a better job security and put them in a better position to be promoted.

The management of ConfidentMe Consultancy would like to thank Mr. Eugene Faro of Hunter Security for requiring our services. Mr. Faro, thank you for believing and trusting in our new and dynamic local company, ConfidentMe Consultancy. We are eagerly looking forward to the next trainings.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Centro Kibrahacha, for their rental services, which was adequate. The training environment was peaceful and relaxing. We are certainly looking forward to using this location more often in the near future.

Would you like t receive information on our trainings, please contact us via our website. We are ready to serve! Transforming humanity for the greater you!

Click to view our interview with Mr. Eugene Faro as he gives us feedback on the

recent training and fill us in on the latest comments of his employees.

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