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Transforming Humanity for a greater You!

Our Approach

We at CMC have seen the struggle in the healthcare department for many years in Aruba. Struggles dealing and coping with life events and the mental distress during and after. Weight Management problems and the difficulties of losing excess weight and then maintaining the right weight for a healthier and longer life. The isolation of our seniors or the aggression experienced in the schools and the community as a whole.


CMC focuses first on how to help those who need to feel confident again about themselves by studying and learning the cause of the behaviour and or feeling. Secondly, we provide the individual or group during our services with the right tools and guidance to cope with what lies ahead.

Our Services & Programs

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Healthcare Worker with Patient


Programs to improve skills, overall knowledge and increase value in employees


In our sessions we encourage fresh perspectives and guide you in the making of clear choices.


We offer counseling on life events, it promotes behavior change and optimal holistic health

Home Care

Receive personal care in the comfort of your own home.


Hunter Security

Dr. Howard van Niel

Coming soon...

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